About Us

Art&Assembly Ltd. is an unique fabrication studio based in London.

We distinguish ourselves by bringing the quality standard and ethos of fine craft into the field of fabrication.

Decades of experience, technical skill, creative talent and materials knowledge come together under one roof in order to assist designers and artists in the realisation of their vision.

Beyond of the workshop we have over 15 years of experience in project management allowing a streamlined and efficient execution from drafting table, through execution to unveiling.

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Our Services

Fully equipped wood working facilities
Fully equipped metal workshop

Large flexible auxiliary project spaces for undertaking monumental projects

Research and Development:
With access to a materials database of over 7000 materials with up to 70 added each month we are able to find the perfect technical strategy for your project and provide you with the cutting edge in material choices and processes.

Project Management:
Over a decade of project management experience on both larger and small-scale one to one projects. We have established networks and know-how that will allow an efficient work flow from the initial concept through to an optimal final realisation.