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We excel in experimental fabrication, producing unique and unusual work that stands out from the norm. We achieve this through close conversation and collaboration with our clients to understand their vision, and use our experience in craftsmanship to turn this into reality.

Our studios in Lewisham include fully equipped wood working facilities and a metal workshop, with the type of work we’re capable of undertaking including

  • High-end Joinery
  • Wood carving
  • Casting
  • Sculpture
  • Welding
  • Concrete
  • and much more!

With access to a database of over 7000 materials, and the expertise of our highly-skilled team, we are able to find the perfect technical strategy for your project and provide cutting-edge in material choices and processes.

We are also able to offer in-house CAD services to develop drawings and models if requested.


With over a decade of project management experience in large, medium and small-scale projects, we are able to help clients manage complex projects with numerous moving parts. We have well-established supplier and sub-contractor networks to allow an efficient work flow from initial concept through to final realisation.

Since 2019, we also work with partners in Europe specifically for high-end stonework projects.